We earned an exclusive and rare opportunity to spend one hour with Governor Chris Christie, exactly 19 hours after he left office, where he became the first New Jersey Governor in 28 years to serve two complete terms.

Topics in the interview on WPG Talk Radio 104.1 included the following:

- Exactly 19 hours ago, you are suddenly the former Governor. How did that feel yesterday at 12:00 noon?
- Through both the spoken and written word, I have often stated that you were a consequential Governor. What do you believe are your most significant achievements?
- What is your greatest disappointment?
- Regarding the media's obsession to try (unsuccessfully) to directly link you to the so-called Bridgegate... how did that affect you, your Governorship and candidacy for President of The United States?
- Is it hard to hear our new Governor Phil Murphy say that we'll be a "stronger and fairer New Jersey," as if somehow until 5 minutes ago we were a "weaker and unfair New Jersey"?
- In your final days as Governor and right after you pocket vetoed the Atlantic City Airport Growth Enterprise Zone legislation... our mutual friend Denny Levinson publicly stated that "You went out a Chump." What are your thoughts about that?
- Pension reform and your record-setting funding of the pension system?
- After years of giving Atlantic City a fair chance, the state formally took over Atlantic City. How would you rate your efforts?
- Education Reform?
- Your record on taxes?
- Your handling of Super Storm Hurricane Sandy in 2012?
- Any regrets not running for President in 2012?
- Not widely reported is the fact that you were Mitt Romney's first choice for his Vice Presidential running mate in 2012. Many Romney advisers believed that you had been offered the job. How close did this come to happening?
- Do you know what you'll be doing next?
- Your legacy as the 55th Governor of New Jersey?

Listen to the interview in its entirety here:

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