Lauren Hurley Lauriello - Registered Nurse
Lauren Hurley Lauriello - Registered Nurse

Today is a very special day and week.

We take this opportunity to thank and celebrate our Nurse heroes on Nurses Day/Week.

Prior to COVID-19, it’s rather clear that Nurses were both under appreciated and regularly taken for granted. I’m not referring to their employers.

Nurses were under appreciated by the public at large. No one meant to do it. In life, these things just happen, with no malice intended.

You just get desensitized when professionals do their jobs so well on a daily basis. You just come to expect it ... so, there’s no fanfare.

Like other hero job classifications, nurses regularly place themselves in harms way.

This has never been on more display then during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Think about how dangerous things were 14 months ago!

A potentially deadly pandemic, that we knew so little about ... except that it is highly contagious and potentially deadly.

This is a once in more than 100 years occurrence. It was unprecedented in nature.

It also placed nurses in the position of having to work more hours then ever before.

The pressure and constant stress that they have been under is immense.

We can’t properly thank all of the nurses who have served the public with such honor and distinction.

The contributions of nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic reminds me of professional firefighters and police officers during and after September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 20 years and much of their heroics have been disgracefully forgotten.

We must never let anything like that ever happen, again.

I takes this opportunity to Salute our Nurse Heroes on Nurses Day/Week.

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