The Scholey and Sibbert Families have established a $500 Reward Fund for the person who brings Rianna, also known as “RiRi” back home safe and sound.

The Hurley in the Morning Charity is going to match it, making this now a $1,000 Reward.

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The good news is that RiRi got out of the fire alive and there have been a few RiRi sightings since last Friday, May 6, when they lost their home in a fire on the 300 Block of Superior Road in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey.

Superior Road, Egg Harbor Township - Harry Hurley photo.
Superior Road, Egg Harbor Township - Harry Hurley photo.

If you have information about RiRi, please contact:

Justin at 609-816-1004, or, Krystal at 609-635-3156.

RiRi has been out in the elements since about 1:00 a.m, Friday, May 6, when she escaped the fire.

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