When police see you running out of convenience store, jumping in your car, and speeding away, it's probably not a good day to be you.

That's exactly what happened to two Egg Harbor Township residents Saturday.

Egg Harbor Township Police say just after 3pm, Officer Paul Janetta was on patrol on Tilton Road when he saw two people running from the 7-11 store to a nearby parked vehicle.

As Officer Janetta followed the pair in the vehicle, a call came into 9-1-1 about a pair, with a knife, robbing the 7-11. As more units arrived in the area, Janetta pulled the car over in the Davenport School parking lot.

An investigation led to the arrests of Niklaus McClaran, 28, and Melissa Cooper, 28, both of Egg Harbor Township. They were both charged with robbery, terroristic threats, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, unlawful possession of a weapon, theft and conspiracy.  Both are being held in county jail.

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