Nearly two dozen people were arrested last week in a prostitution crack-down in Atlantic City.

Authorities say on May 25th, ACPD detectives targeted prostitution along Pacific Avenue and in the casinos. Twenty women and two men were arrested in the operation. Those arrested include the following:

  • Ashley McSpadden, 32, from Atlantic City
  • Elizabeth Turner, 27, from Mount Laurel
  • Latina Phillips, 32, from Atlantic City
  • Megan Cassidy, 31, from Atlantic City
  • Celena Bestina, 38, from Tuckerton
  • Shamika Rease, 30, from Galloway
  • Kaitlin Hinchman, 28, from Ocean City
  • Dawn Gonzalez, 38, from Atlantic City
  • Amanda Santiago, 24, from Atlantic City
  • Bobbiejo Solomon, 46, from Atlantic City
  • Brianna Estriplet, 23, from Philadelphia
  • Erin Cunningham, 34, from Atlantic City
  • Elizabeth Barksdale, 25, from Atlantic City
  • Fateema Randall, 18, from Atlantic City
  • Sherrie Losowski, 47, from Carney’s Point
  • April Allen, 26, from Atlantic City
  • Shamirah Dorsey, 28, from Atlantic City
  • Nicole Brennan, 33, from Somers Point
  • Megan Kelly, 29, from Tuckerton
  • Ashlea Benner, 37, from Atlantic City
  • Michael Hickson, 49, from Atlantic City
  • Wyatt Sylvester, 46, from Atlantic City

Cops say Ashlea Benner was a fugitive from justice from Pennsylvania and remanded to the Atlantic County Justice Facility. All of the other arrestees were released on a summons for their charge with a future court date.

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