Embattled Atlantic City, New Jersey Mayor Marty Smalls’ ex-offender department has been disastrous.

From the hiring and firing of former ex-offender director, Cornell Davis … to numerous other negative examples.

Earlier today, on “Take Your Child To Work Day” a sitting Member of the Atlantic City Council took a screen capture of the following post … which is attributed to Michele Griffin, who is the coordinator of the City of Atlantic City Re-entry Department.

The post is crude and rude as follows:

Anonymous Contributor.
Anonymous Contributor.

It is really hard to believe that a so-called, City of Atlantic City department coordinator would write such a crass, illiterate social media post.

It appears that Griffin has since removed the social media post … however, our Atlantic City Council source memorialized it before it was taken down.

The Mission Statement is as follows:


Our mission is to reduce recidivism rate in

Atlantic City by providing the support and direction needed to obtain vital services post-incarceration. Individualized re-entry planning along with advantageous practices and guidance shall be the hallmark of our work.

Direct from the Atlantic City government website, this is the structure of the program:

"We emphasize creating a plan for an inmate's reentry into the community by encouraging them to attend our reentry workshops."

These workshops prepare inmates by:

  • Developing a reentry plan
  • Developing basic life skills

We also encourage them to go to our reentry presentations that discuss services available to them after release such as:

  • Finding housing
  • Finding a job
  • Medical needs
  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Mental health
  • Transportation
  • Legal issues

Pre-Release inmates may be able to take part in the Work Release Program. This program:

  • Matches an inmate's skills with job opportunities in the community
  • Allows inmates to earn at least minimum wage
  • Gives an inmate work experience to make the employment process easier after release

At the time of Griffins’ hiring, Marty Small wrote the following:

We have a new department in The GREAT City of Atlantic City...Re-Entry Services.. would like to introduce our New Re-Entry Services Program Coordinator one Michele Griffin @neverchange79 she will excel in this role helping our ex offender population mainstream back into society. She has a Masters Degree, wrote Small.

It should be noted that this is a rogue department in the City of Atlantic City, as the City Council has never approved the new Re-entry Department.

We do not know if Griffin was encouraged to remove her social media post, or, did she decide to remove it by herself

SOURCE: Michele Griffin Facebook post & a Member of Atlantic City Council.

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