Hey South Jersey parents, do you ever daydream about what your kids will be when they grow up? Perhaps what career path they'll choose? Well, at Kidabaloo, they can be anything!

Soak up family time while letting your kid's imagination run wild. They can explore and completely immerse themselves in a variety of activities, all under one roof.

Check out all the cool worlds they can discover!

  • TSM

    Be a Mini Cake Boss

    Does your child constantly beg to help you in the kitchen? When they come to Kidabaloo, they can participate in their very own version of Cupcake Wars! (No clean-up required).

    Any theme they want on their cupcakes, Jennicakes will make that happen!

  • TSM

    Move Over, Jeff Gordon!

    Start your engines! If your child loves to race and dreams of being a NASCAR driver, this activity is definitely for them. With RC2U Portable Racing, they can live out all their racing dreams and YOU don't have to worry about them being in any danger.

  • TSM

    Future Olympians

    If your kiddo has more energy than the Energizer Bunny, then they'll do back flips over Petrosh's Big Top bounce houses!

    Nothing can stop them from reaching new heights!

  • TSM

    For the "Mess Maker"

    Do your kids enjoy getting their hands dirty? Do you wish this meant you didn't have to do tons of laundry? If you found yourself saying yes to either of these, your little one may enjoy creating their very own apron with Home Depot! Help them take their first steps into becoming awesome at helping you around the house.

  • Rich Legg

    Suit Up!

    Kids who are obsessed with playground games such as tag, and hide & seek will LOVE suiting up and jumping into battle. Laser tag, nerf wars, and paintball battles, we mean.

    That's right, the battle comes to them with Backyard Battles, which allows kids to run, hide, and play endless rounds of their favorite backyard games!

  • TSM

    Calling All Animal Lovers

    If your child has a soft spot in their heart for furry friends, Kidabaloo will have just the thing for them. They can love on real animals at the petting zoo and even get the opportunity to ride a real horse thanks to Chris Kaelble Riding Instruction!

  • TSM

    Princesses, Jedi's, and Dinosaurs - Oh My!