We always hear and read news about the number of new COVID-19 positive cases, along with how many hospitalizations and tragically, the number of deaths that are taking place.

Courtesy of Atlantic County Government, here’s a rare look at recoveries and a report featuring no deaths in Atlantic County.

We should see more focus like this. However, good news doesn’t “sell” like “bad” news.

Here is the full Atlantic County Government report for Sunday, August 30, 2020 as follows:

On Sunday, August 30, the Atlantic County Division of Public Health provided updates from the weekend that included no new Covid-19 deaths since Friday and 90 more residents who have been cleared as recovered.

Health officials also confirmed 22 more residents have tested positive for Covid-19 including 12 males, ages 10-66, and 10 females, ages 39-69. These residents included five from Hamilton Township, four from Hammonton, three each from Atlantic City and Egg Harbor Township, two from Buena Borough, and one each from Egg Harbor City, Linwood, Northfield, Somers Point and Pleasantville.

With these additions there is now a countywide cumulative total of 3,966 residents who have been confirmed for Covid-19, of whom 2,689 are considered recovered and 245 who have died.

Atlantic County will continue to provide Covid-19 testing by appointment at its drive-thru facility in Northfield at Rt. 9 and Dolphin Avenue, behind the county public works yard.

Testing is scheduled for each Tuesday through September 29, 9-11:30 AM each day. The only exception will be the week of Labor Day when testing will occur on Wednesday, September 9, instead of Tuesday, September 8.

The test site is available for both symptomatic and asymptomatic county residents with or without a doctor’s prescription. Residents must provide proof of county residency and appointment confirmation.

If available, appointments can be made online at www.aclink.org. Those who are unable to keep their appointments are asked to cancel no less than 24 hours in advance so others may have an opportunity to fill those spots.

A list of additional testing locations in Atlantic County is available at: https://www.atlantic-county.org/covid/additional-testing-locations.asp

Health officials urge residents to continue to remain vigilant to help mitigate the spread of Covid-19. This includes wearing face coverings, maintaining social distancing and avoiding crowds, washing hands frequently and sanitizing common-touch areas, and answering the call if contacted by contact tracers.

Source: Atlantic County Government

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