Audio of a 911 call made by a New Jersey State Trooper who was shot at a trailer park in Salem County back in April has been released.

In the audio posted online by, State Police Detective Rick Hershey can be heard saying, "My name’s Rick Hershey. I’m a trooper. I’ve been shot.” Later in the call, Hershey says, "Please hurry."

The scene unfolded Saturday night, April 25th, as Hershey was investigating a home invasion reported earlier that day at a trailer park in Pittsgrove, Salem County, when a number of people drove up in separate vehicles with the apparent intent of continuing the earlier dispute and confronted the trooper in the process, according to authorities. During the confrontation, the trooper identified himself as law enforcement, was shot at and wounded, police said, who added the trooper also fired his weapon.

Of the event, the state attorney general's office previously said,

Detective Hershey was struck in the upper leg and seriously wounded. He returned fire with his service weapon and the suspects fled the scene. Detective Hershey was transported to Cooper University Hospital in Camden, where he underwent surgery. He was released from the hospital...

Following an investigation, a total of 19 people were arrested and charged. reports Hershey was hospitalized for about two weeks and he continues to recover. A State Police spokesperson says it is not yet known when Hershey will return to work.


With previous reporting from Townsquare Media's Erin Vogt and Joe Kelly.

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