The following account was sent to us from Dana Pieretti from Linwood, who, with her father, John Drexel, waited in line Tuesday to see President Trump in Wildwood.

It is important to note that Dana sent this to us late Tuesday night and it is posted here as she wrote it, as she said, with "grammatical errors and all" to highlight her level of exhaustion.

Dana Pieretti and John Drexel
Dana Pieretti and John Drexel

Regardless of your political preference, this day was so much more than any of our differences in opinions. It was the very best adventure with my Dad! From the 5am wake up call, to officially on line at 6:30am, to the genuinely kind people who became our family for the day. Family that looked after each other, our belongings, our sacred spot in line. Fellow Americans who shared food and coffee and blankets and life stories...and our sacred (yet ever slowly forward shuffling) place in line. To having to ditch our chairs, blankets, food, water, etc by about 2:15 for the hope and positivity that this line was finally really moving and we were Totally making it inside! Only to be corralled, shoulder to shoulder, front to back, shuffling while also elbowing out the line cheaters.

Then, finally!...we’re moving...a lot...were in the last row before the entry..Yes!...we got this!...hurry-the helicopters are circling!...he’s coming! He’s coming! Hold my hand Dad-we’ve done it...but then...the line stops.

And stayed there.

And then the word...😕 we miss it.

By about 100 people.

If only it weren’t for those line cutters and cheats.

It’s kinda like we needed a stronger wall. They got the benefits with none of the hard work we put in all damn day. The bone chilling cold. The whipping wind. The 4 layers of clothes that still required buying more sweatshirts. The hot packs in shoes and gloves and pockets of each layer. The hours of no food or water or bathroom. (Couldn’t risk our place.) All of it not enough. Except we’re Americans, and we were already cold. And we had already been standing and shuffling for about 8-12+ of the 14 hours we’d been out there. What’s another couple hours?

And then our President came out and none of it mattered from the glow of the Jumbotron and electricity the crowd gave off.

We didn’t make it inside today. But we saw the very best of 99% of the Americans we stood with along the adventure.

Spent. Exhausted. Wind burn. Proud.

I don’t care who it is that you vote for.

If you’re an American...Just vote.

It’s our right.

If you’re an American-look after your neighbors.

It’s your obligation.

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