Atlantic City Board of Education Member John Devlin has  confirmed that the AC BOE has signed a 5-year lease to rent office space for the Atlantic City Public Schools central administration offices.

According to Devlin, the 5-year deal will cost the taxpayers of Atlantic City more than $ 700,000 per-year. This appears to be an increase of more than $ 200,000 per-year versus the previous lease deal.

We have been advised that the Atlantic City Board of Education has available space at the high school and elsewhere that they already own and is not being used.

There is also the underutilized Carnegie Library that the AC BOE completely missed out on a golden opportunity to use that pristine space for educational purposes.

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"To stay in this building for another 5 years at this kind of
expense is inconceivable,” said Devlin.

”What makes it worse is the plan moving forward to knock down New Jersey Ave School and build a new administration building at the tune of $10,000,000.00 is just ludicrous,” said Devlin.

If the Atlantic City Board of Education is going to build a new administration building, why wouldn’t they have chosen to save money and use available space versus locking-in for this expensive lease option for years to come?

The building that the AC BOE rents office space is called The CitiCenter building.

The Atlantic City taxpayers have paid millions of dollars over the past 20-plus years to lease this space. That’s just for rent and doesn’t include lease hold improvements.

SOURCE: John Devlin, Atlantic City Board of Education Member.

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