James Sarkos has traveled a long journey to become the permanent Chief of Police in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Sarkos spent an inordinate amount of time working under the ambiguous title of “Interim Officer in Charge.”

That left a substantial paramilitary organization, the Atlantic City Police Chief with a void in leadership in the top position.

That did not serve the purpose of good order well at all.

The next stop was Acting Chief. A better title, but, still not what a complex law enforcement agency like the Atlantic City Police Department needed.

Now, Sarkos is the permanent Chief, which became official in a private ceremony last week.

This Thursday, November 17, 2022, a public swearing-in ceremony is being held at the Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall, in the Adrian Philips Ballroom.

It’s not required, but, perhaps it will help to bring the Atlantic City community together.

James Sarkos photo.
James Sarkos photo.

Over the years, this is where many Atlantic City High School students have graduated. It’s a special room that has also been the home to many iconic midsized events over the years.

A lot will be expected from Sarkos. Previously, he was in the politically challenging environment of trying to keep the support of an erratic Mayor Marty Small, and the state of New Jersey, whose approval was required in order to receive the appointment.

It made for a very difficult position for Sarkos to navigate. To his credit, Sarkos got to the finish line, which was no easy feat.

Now, Sarkos has civil service protection. He is the permanent chief, so there are no more excuses or reasons to have to walk on political eggshells.

Atlantic City is presently not safe. This is a cold, hard fact.

We’re rooting for Sarkos to have the same energy and focus that Atlantic County Prosecutor Will Reynolds has demonstrated in his position.

The stakes couldn’t be higher.

Sarkos must do something about this. He’s no longer “Interim Officer in Charge or “Acting Chief.”

Sarkos now is the permanent Chief of Police. A call to action is required. It’s time to lead.

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