TRENTON — New Jersey law enforcement is watching events in England following Saturday's terrorist attacks in London, but State Police stressed that the best way to prevent tragedy is to say something if you see something.

"We ask that the public remain vigilant, and that if you see something say something. Report any suspicious activity by calling 1-866-4SAFENJ or call 9-1-1 for an emergency," Sgt. Jeff Flynn told the Townsquare News Network in an email Monday.

Laura Connolly, spokeswoman for the state's Office of Emergency Management, said the London terror attack points up the importance of having a family communication plan and to take note of one's surroundings: the exits in an unfamiliar place, mentally mapping your escape route and having a fully charged phone.

"Prepare for everywhere, so if something happens you have a meeting point or you have a way to communicate with each other if you're not all together" as it happens.

She said that people who lived in the area of London Bridge and Borough Market had to evacuate. "That's the exact reason why we say make sure you have an emergency kit for your home if you have to shelter in place, and also have a go bag in case you need to leave at a moment's notice."

Unlike a snowstorm or hurricane, which are forecast and can be prepared for in advance, the attacks in London and the bombing at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, required an immediate reaction.

Connolly said that in the hours after the Seaside Park explosion last September, people had to leave and were not allowed back into their homes for several hours.

"We had issues with people needing their medications and things like that, so if they had a 'go bag' together with medications and documents they could have grabbed it and left," Connolly said.

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