Cape May has so much to offer - the question is will have you time to experience it with this awesome house at your disposal?

Airbnb has a listing for a Cape May area home that's nothing short of spectacular!

This 6 bedroom 3-1/2 bath home is said to be 6 minutes from the beach. (We don't know if that 6 minutes was calculated in July or January.)

The big feature on this property is the awesome 12-foot deep pool, complete with waterfalls, a grotto, a hot tub, a pizza oven, and more. Once you're here, where could you go that's better than this?)

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Inside, a movie theater awaits you with lots of house stuff. (Can you tell, I can't wait to get to the photos of the pool?)

The home is listed at $2,850 a night, plus cleaning and service fees.

More details can be found here.

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