Ron Bailey is a Republican candidate who is running in Atlantic City’s 4th Ward Council race, who is running against the Mayor Marty Small endorsed candidate, George “Animal” Crouch.

IMPORTANT EDITOR’S NOTE: I am not using a derogatory term and resorting to calling Crouch an “animal.” In fact, it is Crouch’s long-time nickname and he likes it and uses it regularly.

Bailey has revealed his concerns about alleged improper electioneering that is supposedly taking place in Atlantic City Councilman Muhammad 'Anium' Zia 5th Ward race.

Bailey is alleging that an Atlantic City Police Officer appears to be conducting get out the vote election activities, in uniform and right from an Atlantic City Police car.

Bailey told me that he learned about it in photos and information that was provided to him by several people working outside of an early voting polling place in Atlantic City over the past week.

They & Bailey are claiming that an Atlantic City Police Officer has been “observed bringing voters to the polling location in his vehicle while in Atlantic City Police Department uniform,” said Bailey.

Bailey has stated that the Atlantic City Police Officer “was again observed at the polling place yesterday in uniform and in a marked Atlantic City Police Department vehicle,” said Bailey.

Bailey shared the following about this Atlantic City Police Officer’s alleged presence in this campaign.

About this, Bailey said:

“I am told that the Officer XXXXX is working for the Zia campaign and was delivering voters on his behalf,” said Bailey.

”When questioned stated he had been invited by Mr. Suleiman to come grab food that the democrats were putting out,” said Bailey.

Michael Suleiman is the Atlantic County Democratic Chairman.

Bailey said:

“A call has been placed to Chief Sarkos by another candidate to obtain info regarding Officer XXXXX being at the polling location in uniform and utilizing a patrol car at the time,”

We are not mentioning the name of the alieged Officer until Atlantic City Police Chief Jim Sarkos has a fair opportunity to investigate and provide a public comment about these allegations.

On-air, Atlantic County Sheriff candidate Joe O’Donoghue immediately followed our live interview Bailey and confirmed that Atlantic City Police are electioneering in this campaign.

O’Donoghue also confirmed that the matter has been formally referred to the Atlantic City Police Internal Affairs Department, “which I have full faith in their honesty and integrity,” said O’Donoghue.

Atlantic County Republican Party Chairman Don Purdy appeared on-air with me right after O’Donoghue.

Purdy conveyed that he is aware of these allegations and expressed his “faith in our system,” said Purdy.

Important reminder … if this has been happening, it has a potential effect on all races on the ballot and not just in Atlantic City’s 5th Ward.

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