Former United States President Donald Trump either won or lost The Presidency last night in a New York City courtroom.

I strongly believe that Trump won The 2024 United States Presidency yesterday in light of the partisan prosecution that has brazenly taken place.

Expired misdemeanor charges, were successfully reconstituted into a zombie case, with vague federal allegations attached … which somehow permitted federal charges to be brought forward in state court.

It’s the most corrupt action ever taken in American history. It will not stand.

Even after the conviction, 34 counts of falsification of business records, with the so-called fraudulent intent to conceal another crime … it’s still unclear exactly what Trump was charged with, and, now convicted of.

The verdict will certainly be appealed and the conviction will likely be reversed.

When the verdict was read, attorney Jonathan Turley stated on the Fox News Channel that the media members present in the courtroom laughed as Trump was convicted.

That is disgusting, disgraceful and revealing.

The Biden campaign didn’t wait but a few minutes in calling Trump a “convicted felon.”

Remember, former Democratic National Committee political consultant Matthew Colangelo, left his position as the 3rd highest ranking member of the Biden Administration justice department to join the Bragg Team on the Trump witch hunt. Who takes a lesser job like this?

Judge Juan Merchan committed countless reversible errors throughout every phase of the trial … right to his flawed jury instructions.

Merchan’s jury instructions gave the jury no room to do anything, except convict Trump.

The result is exactly what New.York City District Attorney Alvin Bragg, Merchan and the other partisan Democrats wanted.

They’re not concerned about being reversed, as that will come long after the November 5, 2024 General Election.

Bragg compared himself to Thomas Dewey last night, which is laughable.

The jury convicted Trump of falsifying business records. Bragg in his public comments last night added that Trump is somehow guilty of trying to steal the 2016 election.

That remark by Bragg is fantasy.

In truth, this was a Soviet-style, star chamber, show trial in the likeness of "You bring me the man, I'll find you the crime." Lavrentiy Beria, chief of the Soviet secret police.

The Trump trial was riddled with reversible errors. This was merely the verdict of one corrupt court. There is still the appellate process and a Supreme Court.

Merchan has set July 11, 2024 to sentence President Trump … just 4 days before the Republican National Convention.

A Presidential Nominee typically gets a nice bounce coming out of their national convention.

However, with Merchan sentencing Trump just 4 days before his convention … it is an attempt to mute a Trump bounce … by purposely placing attention on Trump’s sentencing … rather then the Republican National Convention.

Merchan bears watching.

Merchan is a Joe Biden financial contributor. Merchan’s daughter has traded in millions of dollars opposing President Trump for Democrats.

Merchan has the power to limit Trump’s ability to move freely around the country … or, he could take Trump’s freedom away altogether.

Merchan can place travel restrictions on Trump and other punitive measures to affect Trump’s ability to campaign effectively for The Presidency.

Trump had never been criminally charged of a crime … as a non-violent, first-timer in this Kangaroo Court … Trump is unlikely to be given prison time.

However, Merchan has the power to work mischief against Trump and can significantly hamper Trump during the remaining campaign season.

They’ve already succeeded in shelving Trump for much of the past 6 weeks.

The entire Trump trial was rigged from start-to-finish … with the intent of trying to rig the 2024 Presidential election.

Let’s mark the state of the game right here. Trump currently leads Biden in every national poll … more importantly, Trump leads Biden in every single battleground state poll … Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia.

The Democrat media will now feverishly promote that Trump is a convicted felon … then, they will poll America and try to bring Biden back into this race.

Judge Merchan, along with probation officers can now impede Trump all the way through the November 5, 2024 election.

This is a disgraceful case and America may never be the same.

The Merchan show trial and result is an Orwellian outrage.

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