A a result of the positive test result yesterday, Friday, July 7, 2023 at Fire Station # 6  … industrious members of the Atlantic City Professional Fire Department tested Fire Station # 3.

If you missed our breaking news report from yesterday regarding Station 6, here is a link:

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We have learned and confirmed and have photographic evidence that Fire Station # 3 test result has confirmed the presence of lead.

We have also confirmed from well place confidential Atlantic City sources that this morning’s lead test was performed at 10:30 a.m.

There is a difference with how the City of Atlantic City is handling’s today’s test result versus yesterday’s.

Within one hour after yesterday’s test which yielded a positive test result for lead contamination … Atlantic City Fire Chief Scott Evans closed Fire Station 6 and moved the firefighters to Station 4.

That was the proper and responsible thing to do.

As we file this report of a second positive test, Evans has not closed Station 3 (three hours) after today’s lead exposure preliminary determination.

By definition, lead is a toxic, highly poisonous metal affecting almost every organ in the body and the nervous system.

See below, a photograph of the actual test result from today. The red coloring indicates the presence of lead.


We spoke yesterday with John Varallo, the President of the Atlantic City Firefighters Local 198, who said:

“Harry, I have requested an investigation into this matter.”

”When I receive all the relevant information, I will be in a much better position to offer a more detailed comment.”

“In the meantime, my main priority is the health of my members and their families and making sure that this situation does not impact the community negatively.”

“Although station 6 is currently closed, which will impact our response times, the members have been moved to station 4.”

“The City, Chief Evans, and the on duty Deputy Chief acted quickly to make the necessary changes.”

The City and Evans have not moved as fast today.

This is a breaking news, developing story. We will provide updates as warranted.

NOTE: With one hour of our report, Fire Station 3 has been closed. We have confirmed that the firefighters have been moved to Station 2, located at Indiana and Baltic Avenues.

SOURCES: Confidential Atlantic City sources.

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