TOMS RIVER — A man says a kitten was thrown from a moving vehicle on Tuesday, three days after another person saw two kittens being thrown from an SUV on Route 70.

Cole Passiglia, of Berkeley, told the Asbury Park Press he saw a white kitten rolling down Whitesville Road in Toms River on Tuesday after it appeared to have been thrown. The report includes a picture of the white kitten Passiglia said he rescued.

Police said two white kittens were thrown out the window of a moving Pathfinder on Route 70 at Massachusetts Avenue around 8 p.m. Saturday. One of the kittens was immediately run over by another car as it hit the pavement. The other kitten was rescued by the person who called police. A picture was taken of the white kitten before it ran off into the woods.

The area of the Tuesday incident is a mile away from the first incident.

Toms River police did not immediately return requests for more information about the Tuesday incident.

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