Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small has been roundly criticized for turning Atlantic City Hall into his own personal employment agency.

In the latest round of employee hires, Small has hired more connected friends and family … including one of his own children who now has a job at Atlantic City Hall.

I have had a long-time policy of not talking about the children of politicians, who I always hold harmless.

We are publishing the list of this latest group of hires (see below). The immediate Small family member is included on the list … which is the extent that we will mention this individual.

Here is the list, which was provided to us by an Atlantic City Hall insider, who told us “that many have become disgusted by the various activities of Small.”

Harry Hurley, TSM photo.
Harry Hurley, TSM photo.

Our Atlantic City Hall source said that “about 90 percent of these newest hires are closely connected to Small.”

The latest Small relative on the Atlantic City taxpayer payroll has been hired in the Anti-Violence Youth Services Program.

Others have been hired in the following departments:

  • Police Civilian Records
  • MIS Staff
  • Construction section
  • Tourism District (CRDA)
  • Anti-Violence Youth Services
  • School Guard Section
  • Recreation Services Program

We have been advised that there is such distrust in Small’s hiring practices that City Council has demanded regular reporting in writing of every hiring.

SOURCE: Atlantic City Hall sources.

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