In a wide ranging on-air interview with Atlantic County, New Jersey Executive Dennis Levinson … he addressed the fact that he has learned that migrants will be brought to Atlantic County.

It hasn’t yet occurred, however, Levinson expressed that based on information in his possession, he already expected migrants would have already arrived.

Before addressing this issue further … I have maintained a more than three decades long public position that legal immigration is a big part of the fabric of America.

The key word is legal. Not illegal immigration.

When a person follows the onerous process legally, it can take 7-10 years to become an American citizen.

This gives our government the opportunity to properly screen and vet the applicant.

When migrants enter our country illegally, they cut in line … tax our resources … prevent us from properly investigating the individual.

This has allowed human trafficking, drug dealing, terrorists, gang members and others with bad intentions to enter our country undetected.

The estimate is that more than 5 million illegal immigrants have been allowed to enter our country illegally and remain since Joe Biden became President.

This doesn’t count what are called “Gotaways.” We have no idea who these people are. But, make no mistake about … they are among us.

Even in those cases where our government knows who the illegal migrants are … they are given next court dates that are more than 4 years into the future.

The Atlantic County social services department does a great job. This is already the County that receives a disproportionate number of homeless, mentally ill and other challenging cases, who are regularly sent here with one way bus tickets.

During our interview, Levinson was compassionate and said that migrant children sent to Atlantic County will receive food stamps and general assistance … however, Levinson did not commit to providing assistance to the adult migrants.

Atlantic County is not a self-proclaimed “Sanctuary County.”

I strongly believe that all of the supportive sanctuary cities and counties around the country should be the only locations that illegal migrants should be housed.

They supported it. They should have to live with the consequences.

It is easy to see how political this has become. These same loud mouth Mayors, executives and legislators who proudly boasted being sanctuary cities and counties … are now complaining how unsustainable this problem has become.

Where were they when they supported this Biden administration strategy to purposely leave our various borders unsecured by design?

They have welcomed millions of unknown illegals and released them into America.

How many illegals do you really think will be keeping their year 2027 and beyond next court date?

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