HARDWICK — A menacing man armed with a hunting knife was shot and killed by state troopers Tuesday night shortly after the 32-year-old's dad had gone to police barracks to apply for a restraining order against his son, investigators said.

Stephen Cogelia was shot dead by a trooper after 9 p.m. at his family's Sunset Lake Road home.

The state Attorney General's Office said Wednesday that five troopers responded to the home after a relative called police to report that Cogelia had returned and was threatening violence.

Coegelia's father said he went to the police station in Hope to file a report against his son, who he accused of threatening to kill him and others in the home after the father had asked him to leave, officials said.

The responding troopers went up to the home's second floor and found Cogelia in a bedroom armed with a knife. Troopers say Cogelia threatened the troopers.

Troopers were not injured, officials said.

The shooting is being investigated by the state Attorney General's Office as a matter of course.

Cogelia had at least one other past violent encounter with police. In 2010, he and his brother were charged with fighting each other and then attacking a state trooper. Authorities at the time said Cogelia attacked the trooper from behind while he was trying to arrest his brother.

A fundraising page that claimed to have been set up by Cogelia's family described him as "computer nerd and a homebody."

"We want Stephen to be remembered in a bright way for the brother, son, uncle and friend he was. Stephen loved his nephews, liked landscaping, music and was incredibly intelligent," the family said.

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