We now know how busy police officers were on Monday along a dangerous stretch of Route 30/Absecon Blvd.

Officers from both the Atlantic City and Absecon Police Departments were deployed along Route 30 Monday for strict enforcement of the posted speed limit. They say during a four-hour period, "[cops] enforced a combined total of 84 violations for speed related offenses."

That's roughly one ticket written every three minutes for four hours.

The stretch of Route 30 between Shore Road and Atlantic City has been the scene of several serious and/or fatal crashes in the last few months, particularly near the area where Delilah Road merges onto 30.

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Police made a social media post last weekend announcing their efforts:

"On Monday, April 26, expect to see an increase in police activity. We urge motorist to continue to adhere to all motor vehicle laws, particularly being mindful of the posted speed limit(s). Our goal is to increase awareness and safety to all motorist who travel our roadways."

Cops say they will continue to strictly enforce the speed limit on that stretch of highway.

With previous reporting from Townsquare Media's Joe Kelly.

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