The Visit Atlantic City Airshow is one of the most anticipated special events of the year.

More than 500,000 people faithfully turn out to watch this spectacle of military and civilian flyers,

It’s a truly breathtaking special event.

Larry Sieg, President of Visit Atlantic City calls it, “the most important event of the year for us in Atlantic City.”

Sieg and Michael Chait, President of The Greater Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce both shared with us that this one event means more than $ 71 million in economic benefit.

Yesterday’s 20th Annual Visit Atlantic City Airshow was an unconditional success.

Because there is some social media and community public chatter about it, I want to address the issue of the delay in the start time for the show closing, show stopping, United States Air Force Thunderbirds Demonstration Team.

Yes, there were a series of delays. It simply couldn’t be helped. There was cloud cover that The Thunderbirds were facing. It dramatically affects what show they can perform and at what altitude … or, if they would be able to perform at all.

The commitment was there to do everything possible to not disappoint the huge crowd. Hundreds of thousands of people came to see The Thunderbirds.

In real time, we provided up to the minute, intellectually honest, live on-air announcements as The Thunderbirds were feverishly preparing for their show.

The Thunderbirds fly at 600 miles per hour and perform in very intricate formations that brings them to as close as 18 inches from one another.

Just look at this Mark Giannantonio photograph, which illustrates this point perfectly.

Mark Giannantonio photo.
Mark Giannantonio photo.

The Thunderbirds have to be able to see each other.

From The Thunderbirds, to David Schultz (Atlantic City Air Boss) from David Schultz Airshows … they were completely transparent about the situation every step of the way.

In the end, The Thunderbirds are always worth the wait and the exciting thing is that the 37 minute Thunderbirds performance was able to take place and close out a very successful 2023 Atlantic City Airshow.

David Schultz, owner, and operator of David Schultz Airshows demonstrated why he is the best in the business.

Schultz never panics and I watched him from up close … keep it all together throughout the day.

There were so many fantastic elements presented in the 2023 show.

Here is a great Don P. Hurley photograph of the always super popular United States Army Golden Knights.

They battled early visibility issues and performed magnificently throughout their multiple performances.

Don P. Hurley photo.
Don P. Hurley photo.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our WPG Talk Radio listeners, who listened over-the-air and many thousands more on our smart phone app.


Congratulations to Visit Atlantic City, The Greater Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce, David Schultz, The City of Atlantic City and all of their working partners for staging a spectacular 2023 Atlantic City Airshow.

We’re already looking forward to next year’s 21st Annual Visit Atlantic City Airshow.

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