has released its 2023 list for “The 15 Absolute Best Italian Subs In The United States.

The Italian Stallion at Sugar Hill Sub Shop - Atlantic City, (actually, it’s in Mays Landing, New Jersey).

White House Special at White House Sub Shop - Atlantic City, (with two locations, 2301 Arctic Avenue and inside The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey).

Both of these two Top 15 Best award winners have at least one thing in common … they each use Formica-Freitag Italian bread for their fabulous subs.

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Samir Satour via Facebook.
Samir Satour via Facebook.

Usually the meat and other ingredients would be the overall star of the show … however, the uniqueness and the inability to re-create the Atlantic City sub bread in any other city or state, makes the Formica - Freytag Italian bread the absolute key ingredient of a great Atlantic City sub.

Camden County Democratic Political Potentate, George E. Norcross, Ill grew-up in the bakery business.

The Freitag Bakery goes all the way back to 1890 and Formica Bakery dates back to 1919.

Norcross has invested heavily in the merger and the Formica - Freitag Bakery was formed.

Formica - Freitag Bakery new logo - George E. Norcross, Ill photo.
Formica - Freitag Bakery new logo - George E. Norcross, Ill photo.

The project is in honor, memory, and recognition of Norcross' paternal grandfather August Freitag who founded The Freitag Bakery in Camden in 1890.

The patriarch of the Norcross family, George E.

Norcross, worked at his father-in-law's bakery, Freitag's Bakery, at 247 Kaighn Avenue in Camden, New Jersey.

"We believe that our new partnership will be a credit to our families' legacies and that Formica Freitag Bakery will be just as important a part of people's happy memories as Formica's has been for the last 100 years," said Norcross.

Frank Formica, is the legendary grandson of Formica's founder, Francesco Formica.

Formica has continued with the new bakery as the company's senior consultant and his focus is to "expand on the brand essence and promise," said Norcross.

"For generations, my family and almost every person who has visited the Shore have eaten Formica's Italian breads - in restaurants and hoagie shops, on the beach, and walking down the boardwalk," said Norcross.

"We are excited to continue on its proud heritage of providing great food and great service and build on it for the next hundred years," said Norcross.

Formica's has been at its current location at 2310 Arctic Avenue since 1928.

Norcross advised that recent technological advancements now allows for the bread to be transported so that it retains the same texture as it does fresh from the Formica ovens.

There are other factors, including that no one outside of Atlantic City has ever been able to recreate the Atlantic City Sub roll. It's the Atlantic City water that is the "secret sauce" and it can't be duplicated anywhere else in America ... except in Atlantic City.

"I grew up learning how to bake the bread my grandfather and father made - bread that fed millions and is part of cherished memories for generations of people visiting and living down the Shore," said Frank D. Formica, who took over the family business in 1987.

It simply can’t be a proper Atlantic City sub, without the Atlantic City sub bread.

Bon appétit.

SOURCES:, George E. Norcross, III & Frank Formica.

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