In fairness to the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office, I want to set the record straight and make it crystal clear that they did not handle the John Exadaktilos indictment case.

Exadaktilos is the owner of Atlantic City, New Jersey’s Ducktown Tavern and Liquors.

Many people believed that the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office handled this case.

They did not. Atlantic County Prosecutor Will Reynolds promptly forwarded the Exadaktilos case to Ocean County, New Jersey for them to handle because of a conflict of interest.

Exadaktilos was indicted by an Ocean County Grand Jury in May, 2020, on a 3rd degree charge of making terroristic threats toward a former Atlantic City building inspector.

Exactly one leading question and one answer of “Yes” was all that was required to obtain a serious 3rd degree indictment.

Fortunately for Exadaktilos, The Honorable Todd Miller, New Jersey Superior Court Judge saw through the flimsy allegations and dismissed the case.

I said on-air this morning … during our live interview with Exadaktilos … that this case should be reviewed … as Judge Miller also said that exculpatory evidence was not presented to the Grand Jury.

As it turns out, it was established early on that the former Atlantic City building inspector never felt threatened by Exadaktilos.

Exadaktilos is pleased and relieved that this matter is over. However, he also said he wasn’t worried, because “I knew that I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Exadaktilos was candid and admitted that he began construction on an outdoor facility at his restaurant, during the COVID-19 pandemic… In order to keep his employees and their families provided with food, clothing and shelter.

Exadaktilos also admitted that he did have a heated conversation with the former city building inspector on a hot July day … “but, never did it rise to the level of making terroristic threats,” said Exadaktilos.

Judge Miller agreed.

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