We have obtained a copy of a letter that has been sent to the state of New Jersey by the following four members of the Atlantic City Council Members:

  • George Tibbitt
  • Jesse O. Kurtz
  • LaToya Dunston
  • Md. Hossain Morshed

The purpose of the letter is to report certain questionable activities by Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small.

The letter was sent to Jacquelyn Suarez, Director of Local Government Services for the state of New Jersey.

It is Suarez’s job to responsibly look into matters such as this.

Specifically, the letter is regarding Resolution # 382 of 2023.

At the most recent regular meeting of the Atlantic City Council a majority of City Council attempted to amend this resolution.

However, they were advised by Robert Tarver (City Council Solicitor) and Anthony Swan (City Business Administrator) that they were not allowed to amend the program.

Tarver ruled a motion to amend this resolution as out-of-order. Based on the legal opinion of Mr. Tarver and Mr. Swan the motion to amend the resolution was not  allowed to be considered.

The resolution is regarding taxpayer funds that are being used for a scholarship program in Atlantic City.

Small named this taxpayer-funded program, “The Marty Small, Sr. Scholarship Program.”

The Atlantic City Council members who have now appealed to the state, object to the selective nature of the program and Small using taxpayer funds to name a scholarship program after himself.

They find this move by Small to be self absorbed, self indulgent and perhaps illegal.

We spoke with Kurtz last evening about this, who said:

The Atlantic City Municipal Scholarship Program is funded with everyone’s money. That is federal tax dollars. The program should be available for all Atlantic City resident students, not a selective group, said Kurtz.

Here is a copy of the letter that Tibbitt, Kurtz, Dunston and Morshed sent to the state of New Jersey:

Harry Hurley, TSM.
Harry Hurley, TSM.

We have confirmed that Small began advertising and promoting the scholarship program before City Council approved it … which is out of order.

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