We have received a copy of Atlantic City Council Solicitor Robert Tarver’s formal written opinion regarding Atlantic City Housing Authority Board Member Charmaine Hall.

The issue was whether in the heat of the moment, did Hall actually resign her position on the Housing Authority Board?

Hall was speaking at a recent Atlantic City Housing Authority board meeting, when the microphone and sound system was shut down … in a direct effort to try and prevent her from being heard at a open public meeting.

Hall did make a vague remark about “being out of here,” however, she never formally resigned her board seat.

The matter has now been rendered moot, insofar as Tarver has provided the Atlantic City Council with his formal written opinion … with appropriate case law cited, which clearly decides the issue in favor of Hall’s position that she did not resign.

Tarver has concluded that the Atlantic City Housing Authority does not have the power to accept a resignation from Hall, even if she did resign her position.

Tarver documents that this power resides directly and only with the Atlantic City Council.

The Atlantic City Housing Authority Board incorrectly believed that they had the authority to accept Hall’s resignation … which they attempted to do.

Further, Hall denies resigning in the first place and she remains on the board.

Here is a copy of Tarver’s letter on this subject. It is well done.


We are going to seek public comments from Atlantic City Council Members and we will update this report upon receipt of same.

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