Atlantic City, New Jersey Councilman George Tibbitt is asking the public for help in keeping their eyes open for children throwing bricks and cinder blocks into the streets of Atlantic City.

According to Tibbitt, the dangerous incidents are happening on Annapolis and West End Avenues in Atlantic City.

Tibbitt expressed to me that he has the utmost confidence in the Atlantic City Police Department … however, because this also involves a County of Atlantic road … Tibbitt also reached out to Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson and asked for his assistance by providing additional police support in the form of the Atlantic County Sheriff’s Department.

Tibbitt advised that Levinson immediately offered his assistance to help in any way possible.

Tibbitt is concerned about both vehicular damage and the potential for people to get hurt by flying bricks and cinder blocks … as well as driving over them on the roadway.

Here is a map of the location where this is occurring:

Google Maps.
Google Maps.

Tibbitt believes that the offenders are misguided youth, who are throwing bricks and cinder blocks into the streets of Atlantic City.

This is an even more dangerous situation at night, when visibility becomes an issue.

SOURCE: Atlantic City Councilman George Tibbitt.

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