Atlantic City Country Club, one of the oldest and nicest golf courses in New Jersey, is steeped in the history and personality of Atlantic City.

When Atlantic City was hitting a bump in the road attracting tourists in the late 1900's, the solution reached by a group of city influencers was a build a golf course, to tap into the hot new game in the nation.

Located on the bay in Northfield, Atlantic City Country Club sits on 170 acres with skyline views of Atlantic City.

According to the club's website, while still under construction, the course and clubhouse officially opened on June 18, 1898, just in time for the summer season. There was great interest in the club from the beginning and golfers began to play before all 18 holes were completed.

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Atlantic City Country Club was the place to be and be seen. Dinner was served nightly in the main dining room, now referred to as the Grand Ballroom with jackets and ties mandatory for all gentlemen. Throughout the decades Atlantic City played host to every social event imaginable. And some even unimaginable.

Nucky Johnson, a NJ political boss, racketeer and bootlegger made famous by the HBO's Boardwalk Empire was known to frequent Atlantic City Country Club. In 1929, when Johnson hosted an organized crime convention in Atlantic City, Chicago mob boss Al Capone was said to have “hid” out at the club to avoid detection.

The golf course itself is beautiful and very well regarded, having been named the #1 Public Golf Course in the State of NJ by Golf Week, Golf Magazine and Golf Digest.

In 1903, a Philadelphia golfer's "Bird of a shot" was transformed into "birdie" to describe a one under score and rest is history. Visitors to Atlantic City Country Club learned of the term and it spread around the world. A memorial rock now sits on the spot where the term was first used to commemorate this historic event.

With still shots takes from a wonderful YouTube video about Atlantic City Country Club, here is a photo gallery that will give you a sense of the beauty and history of the club.

Atlantic City Country Club: The Club's Beauty & History in Photos

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