A very good friend, Michael Merlino, President, Chief Executive Officer and owner of Atlantic Accounting Associates took to his social media Facebook page and opined about an interesting and fun topic.

Merlino wrote …

Still amazes me the crowd in the winter at Jersey Cow! The line continues.

As you can see in the photo (below), the line is hearty.

Michael Merlino photo.
Michael Merlino photo.

Most people probably think that waiting in line during the winter to have ice cream is something that they wouldn’t do.

Most ice cream parlors used to close during the winter months … many still do.

However, The Jersey Cow on 1600 Tilton Road in Northfield is open all year round, as you can see by this photo taken this past weekend (in early March).

Here are some of the comments on Michael Merlino’s Facebook post:

Jim Bennett wrote that he “Can't wait for them to open Brigantine.”

Joe Martin … “We went tonight lol.”

Ken Ferrier … “Great place.”

Karen Veach … “Are they open year-round? I've never been there.”

Mike Merlino … “ Karen Veach Yes. They have those large propane heaters going when the temperature drops. Can't see it in the photo but the tables to the left are filled.”

David Weber …  “Mike Merlino coming soon to Absecon.”

Linda Dickson Foy … “I wasn't impressed with what I got but the kids loved theirs.....I love Royle Crown. Homemade Ice Cream next to Didonatos bowling alley in Hammonton. It's a ride but it's worth it I think.”

You can’t please them all … but, the feedback that we have heard about the quality of service and homemade product has been consistently excellent.

Here are some examples of some of the products available

Photo credit: The Jersey Cow via Facebook.

The Jersey Cow photos via Facebook.
The Jersey Cow photos via Facebook.

SOURCE: Michael Merlino.

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