Atlantic City 6th Ward Democratic Commissioner John Devlin took to the Townsquare Media airwaves and called out Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Michael Suleiman … this morning, Monday, April 10, 2023.

Devlin believes that it is time for a change in leadership and he raised a series of concerns and called on Suleiman to resign as chairman “because of his poor performance,” said Devlin.

Devlin stated that in Atlantic City Suleiman does the bidding of Mayor Marty Small.

For example, LaToya Dunston is the incumbent 2nd Ward Atlantic City Council member.

Suleiman has previously stated that he always awards the regular Democratic ballot placement line to incumbents.

This year, Suleiman has deviated from this standing practice and he has moved the incumbent Councilwoman Dunston off of the regular Democratic line.

This places Dunston at a decided disadvantage. Dunston was removed at Small’s demand because she has voted several times against Small agenda items.

Suleiman gave the favored ballot position to Marty Small, when the Atlantic City Democratic Committee voted against Small and in favor of Pam Fields.

Suleiman justified his decision in favor of Small because “I always give incumbents the (Regular Democratic) line,” said Suleiman.

Devlin also addressed the significant number of Democrats who have changed their political party affiliation to Republican.

Devlin attributes much of this to Suleiman‘s lack of leadership, and his inability to attract quality - qualified candidates.

Devlin was also very critical of giving former Board of Education Member George Crouch the favorable ballot placement position over Charles Garrett.

Devlin advised that Crouch was previously required to resign his Atlantic City Board of Education seat, due to a new, New Jersey law. It allegedly involves something in Crouch’s background that disqualified him from remaining on the Board of Education.

Devlin was also critical of the Atlantic County Democratic ticket, calling it “very weak,” while blaming Suleiman for not being able to attract and recruit high quality, viable candidates.

Suleiman has one year left on his current two-year term.

NOTE: Folliowing our interview with Devlin, we have spoken with Suleiman, who shared:

“Our party has a tradition of incumbents typically getting the line absent extraordinary circumstances. Extraordinary circumstances were certainly present in the Second Ward, where the incumbent Councilwoman brazenly endorsed Commissioner Coursey's Republican opponent,” said Suleiman.

“I will not tolerate Democratic elected officials endorsing Republicans just in the same way the Republican Chairman does not tolerate endorsing Democrats,” said Suleiman.

“In the Fourth Ward, the selection was made in consultation with the Atlantic City Democratic Committee. As you know, I was the first person to call for Councilman Morshed's resignation after his indictment and told him directly that I would not be supporting his re-election,” said Suleiman.

Suleiman also advised that Devlin is a county committee member, and not a ward commissioner.

Suleiman will be appearing with us on-air on Friday, April 14, 2023 for the 8:00 a.m. hour.

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