The former Atlantic City Board of Education President, John Devlin confirmed during a live, on-air WPG Talk Radio 95.5 interview that the policy for reporting alleged child abuse was changed.

The change came at the time that Marty and La’Quetta Small ally Constance Days-Chapman became Principal of Atlantic City High School.

Days-Chapman was Marty Small’s campaign manager in his run for mayor of Atlantic City.

Devlin previously confirmed that the Board of Education vote to hire Days-Chapman failed … yet, for inexplicable reasons, the state of New Jersey overruled the school board and hired Days/Chapman anyway.

We have obtained a copy of a narrative that is in Devlin’s possession regarding this policy change.

It reads:

There is an audio recording taken by staff at the first staff meeting at the high school on September 1, 2022. The recording has Days-Chapman changing the reporting procedure for incidents such as abuse. She tells staff that they are to report it to the main office that they are not the first to go and report it to DCP&P and the police. She (Days-Chapman) was questioned by staff in that meeting and she reiterates it. The procedure has changed and they are to report child abuse to the main office. That is why these two staff members brought it to the main office. Staff has been intimidated into this closed society where they're not supposed to tell anything outside of school.

The communication goes on to say that this alone should end the employment of the principal and be enough to take her certificate and end Days-Chapman’s career in education.

The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office has publicly stated that two staff members wanted to report the child abuse allegations … but, they were prevented from doing so by Days-Chapman, who told the two staff members that she would be reporting the abuse allegations to DCP&P, according to the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office official criminal charging documents.

According to the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office, the New Jersey Department of Child Protective Services (DCP&P) has confirmed that Days-Chapman never reported the child abuse allegations to them.

DCP&P also confirmed that no one else from the Atlantic City Public Schools district reported the child abuse allegations … which, of course, they didn’t … as they were directly ordered not to do so.

The Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office has previously confirmed that Days-Chapman has been criminally charged with:

  • second-degree Official Misconduct.
  • third-degree Hindering Apprehension of Another.
  • fourth-degree Obstruction of Justice.
  • disorderly persons Failure to Report Child Abuse.

Marty and La’Quetta Small also face serious criminal charges from the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office.


  • 2nd degree endangering the welfare of a child.
  • 3rd degree aggravated assault
  • 3rd degree terroristic threats
  • disorderly persons simple assault.


  • 2nd degree endangering the welfare of a child.
  • 3 separate counts of disorderly persons simple assault.

Should these criminal charges be proven to be true in a court of law, this would constitute monstrous behavior committed by the accused … it would be outrageously evil and wrong.

SOURCES: John Devlin and the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office.

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