United States Senator Robert Menendez has formally called for the Atlantic City, New Jersey Housing Authority to be placed into receivership … in a letter to The Honorable Marcia Fudge, Secretary, United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Menendez wrote:

I am writing regarding HUD's work to address the Atlantic City Housing Authority's (ACHA) troubled status. Given the urgent and potentially life-threatening situation, I urge HUD to immediately declare the ACHA in substantial default and subsequently place it into receivership to restore safe and adequate living conditions.

Menendez now joins with United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew, R-NJ-2, who has led the effort to disband the Atlantic City Housing Authority because of their mismanagement.

Residents have been living for years with without heat, hot water, air conditioning … in rodent and bug infested apartments.

It’s been a public disgrace.

Menendez confirmed that “I have heard directly from residents who have submitted complaints about multiple properties managed by the ACHA. Residents have noted countless instances of unsafe and unsanitary conditions, including mold, pests, gas leaks, and lack of heat and hot water. According to the residents, the ACHA has failed to remedy these persistent problems,” said Menendez.

I have obtained a copy of Senator Menendez’ letter to Marcia Fudge. Here it is:


The long-suffering residents of Atlantic City deserve much better.

The Atlantic City Housing Authority fired their executive director, Matt Doherty, who was doing a great job in providing the public with transparency.

Doherty was in the process of uncovering wasteful spending and revealing corruption at time of his firing.

Doherty is pursuing litigation against the Atlantic City Housing Authority.

The Atlantic City Housing Authority and Mayor Marty Small are the problem. A very big problem.

Therefore, by definition, they can’t be the solution.

Van Drew and now Menendez are both right.

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