Atlantic City, New Jersey Mayor Marty Small has earned a nickname that has followed him throughout the city.

He is known as “Party Marty.”

This is because of his affinity for throwing parties and hobnobbing with celebrities whenever and where ever possible.

Atlantic City Council sources have just exclusively revealed the following to us:

It appears as though Small wants to giveaway an Atlantic City property to a development group that we have been told involves the well known entertainer Mary J. Blige.

City Council sources say that the property in question is currently an empty lot, located next to The Enclave, in Atlantic City’s 6th Ward.

Allegedly, the concept calls for a 10-story apartment tower, comprised of 100 luxury units, along with 30 parking spaces and a shuttle to what has been described as a (presently) non-existent municipal parking lot.

We have been told that the item was snuck on to the last city council meeting agenda, with no communication whatsoever with nearby residents.

We have also confirmed that 6th Ward Councilman Jesse Kurtz was not told about this idea prior to it being placed on the city council agenda.

City Council was unwilling to approve the transaction, so the item was ultimately removed from city council agenda.

We have obtained a copy of the proposed Resolution No. 122. We apologize that it is a bit blurry, but, we want to confirm its existence.

NOTE: Although City Council Members Bruce Weekes, Jr. and LaToya Dunston are listed as sponsors … we have been advised that neither gave permission for their names to be placed as sponsors of this proposed legislation.

Harry Hurley, TSM photo.
Harry Hurley, TSM photo.
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We believe that Mary J. Blige is a very successful entertainer and entrepreneur.

On June 4, 2022, Small presented Blige with “The Key to Atlantic City.” Blige appeared in Atlantic City at a fundraiser that raised money for youth organizations.

Should Blige wish to put her name and many talents to work in an Atlantic City development project … it could be a very positive investment for all concerned.

However, it would be wise for Small to properly communicate with City Council and the citizens of Atlantic City before attempting to place this type of development item on a city council agenda.

SOURCES: Atlantic City Council sources.

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