We have been covering the Atlantic City Independence Committee for more than two months.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small hasn’t spoken a word about them or their desire to move Atlantic City Mayor and council elections back to May, (in 2023) and changes Atlantic City back to a non-partisan form of government.

Atlantic City elections were held in May on a non-partisan basis for more than 50 years.

Exactly one day after the citizens' committee obtained more than the requisite number of voter signatures required to further their cause, Small is blaming (to The Press of Atlantic City and others) the petition effort on New Jersey senator Vince Polistina, Atlantic County Republican Party Chairman Don Purdy and former Atlantic City Council President Craig Callaway.

It’s also a public disgrace that the very first coverage that the local daily newspaper gave to the citizens' effort was from only Small’s angle of blaming the petition on Republican officials and Callaway.

Why didn’t they cover more than two months worth of transparent citizen efforts?

They have long maintained that it’s a good idea for citizens to be active in their local government. And, when they are, they treat them like this. It’s very disrespectful and I question their hidden motive.

Atlantic City Clerk Paula Geletei certified the voter signatures, yesterday.

We have independently confirmed that Polistina, Purdy, and Callaway have nothing at all to do with this citizen’s petition.

We have been in regular contact with committee chairperson, Andra Williams, who along with her fellow committee members are the actual ones that have been spearheading this public effort.

Multiple City Council and City Hall sources have told us that Small appears very concerned with the fact that more than 2,000 voters have signed on to changing the Atlantic City government back to a non-partisan format.

He should be concerned, as 2,000 votes are likely more than half of the typical turnout in an off-year local election season that will occur this upcoming November 8, 2022.

A review of the petition signers confirms that it represents a true cross-section of Atlantic City, from wards one through six.

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Williams and her fellow committee members are disappointed that their independent efforts are being called into question and that their hard work is being called challenged by the sitting Mayor.

More than 2,000 voters have signed the petition and appear poised to change the election system in Atlantic City.

It’s unusual for a local elected official to insult his own citizens in this manner.


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