Atlantic City, New Jersey Mayor Marty Small held a hastily called press conference because there has been significant and understandable public criticism about 4 murders in the first 7 days of 2024.

Out of one side of  his mouth, Small declared that he has provided the Atlantic City Police Department with everything that they need to do their job.

And, out of the other side of his mouth, Small pleaded for more help. Which is it?

Atlantic City Police Chief Jim Sarkos is a good man. However, he presently serves without an employment contract … which leaves him very vulnerable to the erratic and often hot-tempered Mayor Small.

The state of New Jersey has prepared an employment contract for Sarkos … but, it has not yet been executed.

Sarkos looked like a hostage while standing on stage near Small at the Wednesday, January 10, 2024 press conference.

Small press conferences lack focus and discipline and typically turn into unhinged rants … where he attacks his perceived political enemies.

It leaves various professionals, who are forced to attend, very uncomfortable.

Small has employed a radical strategy in Atlantic City. Small has invested heavily in ex-offenders employment programs and has created the so-called anti-violence department.

To date, there is no empirical evidence that any of Small’s non-traditional gambits have delivered any positive results whatsoever.

Many believe that these valuable resources could be spent much more wisely.

He likely would not want anything to do with it, however, Atlantic County Prosecutor Will Reynolds and his highly competent team could fix the current Atlantic City problems … if they took command control of the Atlantic City Police Department.

The problem is not the law enforcement officers … they’re well trained and great at their job.

The big problem is a Small one.

The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office already takes the lead anytime there is a homicide in Atlantic City.

They do a great job after the fact … but, it would be great if their immense talents could be put to work in helping to create a new culture that could prevent homicides in the first place.

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