In a major development, Atlantic City, New Jersey Mayor Marty Small has lost the majority of Atlantic City Council support.

Small had been clinging on to a very fragile 5-4 majority.

This is now gone, with Atlantic City Councilman MD Hossain Morshed switching sides and is now firmly voting against Small.

You cannot overstate how important this is … because Atlantic City features a weak mayor and strong City Council form of government.

The mayor merely proposes, while City Council has the power to dispose.

A mayor who does not have a majority of City Council support is doomed for failure.

At the Wednesday, May 25, 2023 regular City Council meeting, City Council voted down key measures that Small wanted.

This included City Council voting against a higher salary for Small, his Chief of Staff and Business Administrator.

Small also lost last night’s City Council vote on an elaborate budget amendment that he proposed.

Unless Small is successful in placing new City Council members in 7 months … The Small Agenda for Atlantic City will be over.

The City Council displeasure with Small has been building for quite some time.

City Council members have grown weary of Small regularly withholding information from them.

They also believe that Small consistently misleads them.

Small will now have to rely on the state of New Jersey to overturn the actions of City Council.

The state of New Jersey has full control of the City of Atlantic City and holds veto authority over all City Council decisions and City Council meeting minutes.

Thus far, the state has been very accommodating to Small, however, with a majority of City Council now opposed to The Small Agenda … this will test the limits that the state is willing to go to support Small.

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