There is a very old and important expression that “Justice Delayed … Is Justice Denied.”

Former Atlantic City Public Schools teacher Phil Eisenstein will finally have his day in court.

Jury selection begins today, Monday, April 24, 2023 before New Jersey Superior Court Judge Danielle Walcoff.

Eisenstein was unjustly fired from his teaching position more than 7 years ago.

Eisenstein was fired by the Atlantic City Board of Education, despite the fact that the New Jersey Child Investigative/Protective Services exonerated Eisenstein.

This state agency had the opportunity to review 3 videos of a student altercation that Eisenstein responded to. The state agency cleared Eisenstein.

For reasons still unclear, The Atlantic City Public Schools system purposefully erased 2 of the 3 videos.

Eisenstein was never allowed to view the deleted videos and now the jury won’t be able to see them, either.

The videos vindicated Eisenstein and that’s the leading theory as to why the Atlantic City Public Schools deleted them.

A source very close to Eisenstein has shared some interesting things about the upcoming Eisenstein trial.

Very few witnesses will be allowed to testify.

We have been told that Atlantic City Public Schools employees Jimmy Knox and Atiba Rose will appear in person, while former Interim Atlantic City Superintendent of Public Schools Paul Spaventa will appear via Zoom.

Phil Eisenstein, Former Atlantic City Education Association President Marcia Genova and Sherry Yahn, former Assistant Superintendent will testify on behalf of Eisenstein.

Board of Education Members and other teachers will not be permitted to testify, except as rebuttal witnesses.

We have been advised that the jury will view/listen via Zoom.

The trial is taking place at the Atlantic City Courthouse in Judge Danielle Walcoff's courtroom.

We have been advised that Eisenstein’s attorney, John Swift will request that the jury pool should not include any Atlantic City residents.

In my 31 years as a broadcaster, the Eisenstein matter is one of the worst miscarriages of justice that we have ever covered.

Eisenstein was terminated for just doing his job. He stepped in to assist during a physical altercation between two students. Eisenstein was actually helping one student, who was being bullied by another student.

Atlantic City Board of Education member John Devlin has described the student fights that are occurring as being the worst in the Atlantic City Public Schools history.

Here is a link to some of our previous coverage, including a letter written by a Physician from the renowned Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), detailing the daily violence at the Atlantic City Public Schools.

Read More: ‘CHOP’ Doctor Letter Details Violence In Atlantic City Schools

Had Eisenstein done anything that would rise to the level of warranting his termination, the state investigation would have reached that conclusion.

Instead, the state ruled that Eisenstein had done nothing wrong.

The Interim Superintendent recommended and The Atlantic City Board of Education fired Eisenstein anyway, despite the state's finding of no wrongdoing.

Devlin, who was the board of education President voted against terminating Eisenstein and urged his fellow colleagues to do the same. They refused to listen.

This will soon be in the hands of a jury of Eisenstein’s peers to decide.

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