This is cruel, even by the current Atlantic City, New Jersey local government bizarre practices.

Former Atlantic City Housing Authority Executive Director Matt Doherty spilled the beans that the housing agency knew more than 1 month ahead of displacing residents … that they would be doing so.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small and the local housing authority did nothing to make the sudden relocation a more compassionate process.

First, instead of giving affected residents proper advanced notice … instead, they received only a few days notice that they would be moving from their homes at the Stanley Holmes Village Apartments … to the Claridge Hotel.

Second, the Atlantic City Housing Authority charged their affected and displaced citizens full February, 2024 rent, despite full well knowing that they would be relocated for more than 1/2 of the month of  February.

The City of Atlantic City should have paused the rent payments for February, 2024 in order to help their own residents deal with the many challenges that they will face during their relocation process.

Rarely does the Marty Small administration ever meet deadlines … so, it should come as no surprise should these Stanley Holmes Village residents be displaced for longer than the remainder of February.

Doherty has served a very important public purpose, by exposing political corruption and systemic problems at the Atlantic City Housing Authority while he was the executive director.

For instance, Doherty exposed $ 7.4 million in no bid contracts awarded from November, 2022 through June, 2023. Doherty ended this bad practice when he became the executive director.

Just as importantly, Doherty has continued to help the residents who live in Atlantic City public housing since he was terminated from his position without cause.

The housing authority board fired Doherty during the time he was publicly exposing political corruption and other misdeeds.

It’s interesting how much of the help that’s being offered to Atlantic City public housing residents is coming from people outside of Atlantic City … United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew, Doherty to name two.

Steve Young, President of the Atlantic City Chapter of the National Action Network has been very vocal and helpful to these underserved residents.

Atlantic City Councioman George Tibbitt had long been calling for Atlantic City Council to hold public hearings to support the affected residents and to seek solutions to the many problems.

Mayor Smsll and the 5 members of Ciry Council that he controls, are blocking open public hearings from taking place.

Tibbitt, La Toya Dunston, Jesse Kurtz and Bruce Weekes are prepared to vote to hold public hearings.

This leaves them 1 vote short.

Meanwhile, residents in Atlantic City continue to suffer in deplorable conditions.

NOTE: Here are copies of documents that we have obtained … that illustrate how poorly these underserved residents have been treated.


The featured photo above and right here below, shows water collecting at the bottom left side of this photo.

The water is sewer water. Leading to these resident’s front door.

Harry Hurley photo.
Harry Hurley photo.

It’s beyond words that Mayor Small and the Atlantic City Housing have let their own residents live in these substandard conditions for more than 2 years … when there has been millions of dollars available to solve the many problems.

It’s indefensible.

SOURCE: Matt Doherty and numerous on-air interviews conducted with George Tibbitt and Steve Young..

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