The Atlantic City Council is considering a vote at tonight’s, Wednesday, July 19, 2023 regular meeting that would require a simple majority to replace the City Council President.

No one in the Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small administration saw this move coming.

Small has enjoyed blind political allegiance from current Atlantic City Council President Aaron “Sporty” Randolph.

On the first attempt, Councilman Bruce Weekes surprised the four other Council Members (who supported it) and voted against the rule change.

The measure will likely be brought up again in the future.

Even with Weekes’ surprise move tonight, with Atlantic City Councilman MD Morshed turning against Small … a new majority, opposed to the Small agenda has been achieved.

The new City Council majority includes:

  • George Tibbitt
  • Jesse Kurtz
  • Bruce Weekes
  • LaToya Dunston
  • MD Morshed

Small has had to rely on the state of New Jersey to overrule City Council decisions.

Numerous sources have advised us that the state of New Jersey is tiring fast of The Small Circus.

The City of Atlantic City is facing countless lawsuits, such as John Devlin and multiple women who are claiming to be sexually harassed and sexually assaulted.

Following The City Council move, they will next take action to remove Randolph as Atlantic City Council President.

The position of city council president is very important. This individual selects all of the council member committee assignments … and the council president has control of what items can be placed on the city council agenda for each meeting.

There is a great deal of leverage associated with this power, as Small will not be able to put agenda items of his choosing without the approval of the new council president.

For the past 6 months, Randolph gave small everything that he wanted.

That is about to charge.

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