I posed a very important public question to Atlantic City, New Jersey Councilman George Tibbitt on-air … earlier this morning, Tuesday, October 3, 2023.

Will the residents of the Stanley Holmes Village Apartments have proper heat and hot water this upcoming winter season?

They certainly did not last winter.

Tibbitt did not hesitate and said that the recently ousted Executive Director of the Atlantic City Housing Authority, Matt Doherty told him the following:

”They are definitely going to have problems with their heat and hot water this winter,” said Tibbitt, (who was quoting Doherty).

Tibbitt also raised other issues that he called “improper and borderline illegal … with what’s going on at the Atlantic City Housing Authority,” said Tibbitt.

Tibbitt also expressed his concerns about how contractors are being selected and raised questions about their qualifications.

Tibbitt mentioned that there were 17 natural gas leaks in the past.

Tibbitt proposed the idea of Atlantic City Council hearings to properly investigate the Atlantic City Housing Authority.

Tibbitt criticized how the agency wants to get rid of the only board member who is currently asking pertinent questions.

The Board Member is Charmaine Hall. I have obtained a copy of a letter that she wrote on September 8, 2023 to her fellow authority board members and City Council.

Here it is (below) in it’s entirety:


In the above letter, Hall makes it clear that she did not resign from her position on the Atlantic City Housing Authority.

The Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small administration has a demonstrated pattern of removing people who don’t agree with Small from their positions.

John Devlin was removed from both the Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority and the Atlantic City Board of Education.

Doherty was removed as Executive Director of the Atlantic City Housing Authority on September 7, 2023.

Now, they’re trying to remove Hall from her board seat.

Tibbitt also raised the issue of Atlantic City, Housing Authority board member Jeff Dorsey, pulling the plug on the sound system and calling the police on Steve Young, who was speaking in open public session.

Dorsey is Small’s direct pick for a board seat on the Atlantic City Housing Authority.

Now is the time to make sure that the residents of Stanley Holmes Village Apartments have proper heat and hot water for this upcoming winter.

They need to do this now while it is still in the 70° range. Do not wait until the temperatures are below freezing.

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