In a wide-ranging, live, on-air interview on Friday, March 1, 2024 … Atlantic City, New Jersey Councilman George Tibbitt declared that Atlantic County Prosecutor Will Reynolds should be provided with a permanent office inside Atlantic City Hall.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small has made a priority of hiring ex-offenders.

Small’s ex-offenders program has been an unmitigated disaster … involving violent incidents and serious allegations regarding ex-offender hires.

Small even resorted to forming a rogue, so-called new “Reentry Services Department” … despite the fact that it was never legally approved nor created by City Council.

Some City Council Members didn’t even know that Small’s ex-offenders department had even been created until our reporting about its existence.

In Atlantic City, the form of government was specifically established to be a strong city council and a weak mayor configuration.

The Mayor can only legally propose and it is the authority of city council to dispose.

Marty Small was required by state law to propose the Reentry Services Department to city council. It could only legally be implemented after city council approved it.

Instead, Small hired staff, officially added the rogue department to the City of Atlantic City and Small publicly announced the top two staff members.

As we reported earlier this week, Cornell Davis was hired by Small as “Reentry Services Department Director” according to Small … although the city of Atlantic City website refers to Davis as Coordinator.

Davis was terminated from his position on February 27, 2024, as outlined in a detailed letter, written by the Atlantic City Solicitor … a copy of which we have obtained (see below):

Harry Hurley photo.
Harry Hurley photo.

Because of the current atmosphere and actions taking place in the Marty Small administration, Tibbitt has called for Atlantic County Prosecutor to be provided with a permanent office inside Atlantic City Hall.

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