More than one week ago, we reported that Atlantic City incumbent Councilwoman LaToya Dunston was leading her opponent Viana Bailey by 3 or votes … in the race for 2nd Ward Council Member.

See our coverage (link provided) below. In this report, we also cover the 4th Ward race between incumbent Councilman MD Hossain Morshed and George “Animal” Crouch.

Note, we’re not resorting to calling Crouch a derogatory name … Crouch affectionately goes by this nickname and it was used on the official election ballot.

It appears that Crouch has won a narrow victory over Morshed.

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Regarding Dunston, she took to her Facebook Page yesterday and declared victory.

All machine votes, vote by mail and provisional ballots have now been counted.

Dunston leads by a scant 3 votes.

There is a “cure letter” process available if a vote was attempted … however, rejected for certain reasons that can sometimes be corrected after the fact.

When you know exactly how many votes you need to win, the process can get messy. Certainly a contest phase will be filed … as Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small is desperate to win back the majority of city and council.

Small also loves to “punish” his political enemies … which he strongly considers Dunston to be.

Small led a scheme to have Dunston removed from the Regular Democrat Column A placement on the ballot.

It’s very hard to win when you’re placed in a disadvantageous position on the election ballot.

Small also mobilized every support mechanism under his control to try and defeat Dunston. Thus far, Small has failed.

The election has not yet been certified.

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