With much fanfare, Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small proudly touted the formation of a City of Atlantic City ex-offenders department called the “Reentry Services Department.”

Small announced this new department despite the fact that City Council didn’t approve it and members didn’t even know about its creation.

I have confirmed that effective today, Tuesday, February 27, 2024, the City of Atlantic City has officially advised Cornell Davis that his services have been terminated, effective immediately.

Davis is a former Atlantic City Board of Education President, who fell foul of the law.

I exclusively reported back on January 4, 2024, that Small announced Davis as the City of Atlantic City’s Director of the Reentry Services Department.

Here is what Small wrote on his Instagram account:

About Davis' appointment, Small proudly wrote on his instagram account:



We have a new department in The GREAT City of Atlantic City...Re-Entry Services.../ would like to introduce our New Re-Entry Services Director Cornell Davis AKA BLESS...Bless will excel in this role helping our ex offender population mainstream back into society. BLESS has a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and an Associates Degree in Education," wrote Small.

Small has publicly bragged about finding a loophole, which enabled him to hire ex-offenders to work directly for the City of Atlantic City through the Ideal Institute of Technology.

In terminating Davis today, the City of Atlantic City advised Davis that he was being terminated because he is no longer in the employment of the Ideal Institute of Technology.

The Atlantic City Solicitor advised Davis to:

Please return immediately to this office any City issued property, including cell phones, laptops, and related equipment. In addition, please immediately return to this office any sledge entry cards, identification cards issued to you for entry into the City Hall property as well as the Carnegie building.

Small’s ex-offenders philosophy has been highly controversial and the source of great embarrassment for Small.

Small has been hiring ex-offenders at $ 75,000, who actually make more than an 8-year veteran of the Atlantic City Police Department.

The Mission Statement of the City of Atlantic City Reentry Department is as follows:


Our mission is to reduce recidivism rate in Atfantic City by providing the support and direction needed to obtain vital services post-incarceration. Individualized re-entry planning along with advantageous practices and guidance shall be the hallmark of our work.

Small guaranteed the public that Davis would excel in his City of Atlantic City’s Reentry Services Director position.

Small was wrong.

But, it’s still “A Great Day Here In The City of Atlantic City.”

SOURCES: Confidential Atlantic City sources.

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