It’s “Back to The Future” in Atlantic City, New Jersey’s Venice Park section.

About two years ago, Reverend Colin Days approached the Venice Park Civic Association and proposed an idea for a trash to steam plant.

If approved, It would be located directly across from Venice Park.

The Venice Park Civic Association emphatically and overwhelmingly rejected the idea two years ago.

There would be what one resident described as a “conga line every day of trash trucks going through this plant.”

Two years ago, the estimate was that 150 trash trucks would go through the Venice Park area on a daily basis.

Days advised two years ago that there would be no odor or noise, which appears to be an incomprehensible representation.

At the time, a small plant located in Canada was offered as an example as to how this process works. It is a smaller scale then is presently being proposed in Atlantic City.

The Venice Park Civic Association is concerned that Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small and certain members of the City Council are pushing for this again now.

The Venice Park Civic Association remains steadfast in their opposition to a trash to steam plant in the Venice Park section of Atlantic City.

Atlantic City Councilman at Large George Tibbitt is also strongly opposed to this idea.

Tibbitt told us that “this is a continuation of Mayor Small and certain members of City Council, who consistently promote bad ideas that the residents of Atlantic City do not want,” said Tibbitt.

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Apparently this matter is being misrepresented to make it appear as though the Venice Park Civic Association is in favor of this trash to steam plant. They are not in favor of this proposal. In fact, the exact opposite is true.

We have received very pointed comments from Augusta Garret, President of the Venice Park Civic Association.

Garret is encouraging residents to attend tomorrow’s Atlantic City Council Meeting on Wednesday, February 15 at 5:00 p.m. at Atlantic City Hall.

Members of the Venice Park Civic Association will be in attendance to oppose a proposed resolution to execute a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that “would provide for a feasibility study by Waste to Green Energy Solution, LLC to construct a waste management facility.”

“If approved, this ultimately could result in a waste management facility and other facilities on the service road that parallels Route 30 and is a main entrance into Venice Park. This is the project presented to the VPCA two years ago and was overwhelmingly rejected by VPCA,” said Garret.

“If approved and ultimately constructed, it could result in 150 trucks per day bringing waste from Atlantic City and nearby communities on this single lane access road into Venice Park,” said Garret.

“This access road cannot accommodate 150 trucks per day. Also, the trucks and facility might result in odors and other unforseen problems. Venice Park cannot handle 150 trucks a day. If approved, this facility will not only impact our quality of life in Venice Park, but might also impact our property values,” said Garret.

Garret also advised that “Council is being told that VPCA approved the concept of this facility which is not true. We overwhelmingly rejected this proposal when Reverend Days brought the plan to our meeting two years ago,” said Garret.

The Venice Park section of Atlantic City is a close knit, quiet community. A trash to steam plant would significantly disrupt their quality of life.

The land where this proposed facility would be constructed is owned by the City of Atlantic City.

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SOURCE: Venice Park Civic Association.

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