New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has publicly called for the Camden, New Jersey Board of Education President (Wasim Muhammad) to resign amid allegations of sexual abuse.

The allegations against Muhammad date back to the 1990’s, where he is accused of sexually assaulting a student.

Governor Murphy issued the following statement: "While we understand litigation is ongoing, the appalling and heinous nature of these allegations casts doubt on Mr. Muhammad's ability to effectively serve the Camden City School District. (The Governor ) believes he should immediately resign."

Governor Murphy is absolutely right.

We have chronicled the horrific situation that still exists within the Atlantic City Public Schools.

A relative of Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small and his wife La’Quetta Small … who is the Superintendent of Public Schools has been convicted of horrific sexual crimes against an Atlantic City Public Schools student.

Kayan Frazier has previously pled guilty in federal court (February 2021) to:

• One (1) count of child exploitation involving sexual abuse and child pornography.

Frazier was sentenced to 20 years, plus one month in federal prison.

Frazier is La’Quetta Small’s cousin and he lived in The Small home with Marty and La’Quetta when he was committing his crimes.

Despite the Small family member sexual exploitation and abuse, the Atlantic City Public Schools has not changed a single policy to address the issue.

According to a 20-plus year Atlantic City Board of Education Member, John Devlin … the Atlantic City Public Schools, Superintendent La'Quetta Small and the Atlantic City Board of Education have not taken any action whatsoever to address issues related to exploitation and sexual abuse of children attending the Atlantic City Public Schools.

Devlin has confirmed disturbing details that the Atlantic City Public Schools have failed to implement:

  • Training programs.
  • specific sensitivity training.
  • no accountability regarding previous incidents.
  • failure to answer if there are more victims.
  • no tips telephone hotlines.
  • no social workers to help victims.
  • no policy changes whatsoever.

Many people believe that the direct, personal, familial relationship to Kayan Frazier is the reason why both Atlantic City Mayor Marty and La'Quetta Small have failed to take responsible, corrective action to protect students from this threat.

Devlin also advised that when he was President of the Atlantic City Board of Education, he ordered a wide-ranging investigation into Frazier from several fronts.

Devlin wanted a thorough investigation into exactly what, where and when Frazier exploited and sexually abused "Minor Child # 1 ... and, to determine if other children were exploited and sexually abused.

Devlin also wanted the investigation conducted to determine exactly how Frazier was able to obtain employment with the state of New Jersey after leaving the substitute teaching position in the unfavorable manner that he did.

Devlin advised that the so-called investigation was short-circuited at the administration/board level and that the firm that was hired to do the work had not been paid for its professional services.

The work remains incomplete.

Devlin also confirmed that La'Quetta Small did not contact him as a Board of Education Member, when public word broke about the arrest of an Atlantic City High School Teacher, who is alleged to have committed various criminal offenses, involving a student.

Devlin also revealed that he believes that his critical public comments about La'Quetta and Marty Small and their inaction regarding (their relative) Kayan Frazier led to his ouster from The Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority and the Atlantic City Board of Education.

Devlin previously has officially filed a lawsuit against the City of Atlantic City and various elected and appointed officials, seeking damages as a result of Marty Small and City Council's actions to remove him from the Atlantic City municipal utilities authority and his removal from the board of education.

Despite The Small’s failure to take any corrective measures … no one has resigned or been fired from their public positions.

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