The Atlantic City, New Jersey, Chelsea Avenue public school is in the news for discarding tables and other furniture recently.

Chelsea Avenue school whistleblowers have documented the situation.

They contend that the combination bench and tables are in good condition and should not have been thrown away.

These diligent folks believe that other schools, churches or any number of other institutions could have used these expensive items.

We wrote about the Chelsea Heights Avenue school a few years ago.

At that time, the school grounds were littered with dangerous steel rebar, concrete and other potentially hazardous items.

We blew the whistle publicly at that time and the debris was promptly removed by the Atlantic City public works department.

It has been left on the school grounds for more than one year.

In the below photo gallery, you can get a close look at the discarded furniture:

Harry Hurley photos.
Harry Hurley photos.

You can see the many tables and accompanying bench seating, as well as chairs and other items that have been thrown away in the dumpster.

Our sources contend that this is a matter of “usable tables and chairs that could be used. Thrown away in garbage because if they don't spend the money they won't get it next year.”

They went on to call it taxpayer money being wasted.

Below is a great gallery of photos, regarding Atlantic City firsts throughout history and more.

SOURCES: Anonymous Atlantic City whistleblowers.

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