New Jersey State Senator Vince Polistina, R-2 has attempted to quell an intra-Republican Party feud with Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson for many weeks.

For inexplicable reasons, Levinson just won’t let it go.

This whole political mess started when Levinson promised Don Purdy that a certain casualty insurance contract would be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder.

Polistina and Atlantic County Republican Party Chairman Don Purdy found out late in the game that the contract was about to be awarded in a manner that went against Levinson’s promise.

The broken promise next led to many harsh words being exchanged back-and-forth.

Polistina and Purdy also learned that Levinson dined at Gary’s Restaurant in Pleasantville, with Camden County Democratic political potentate George E. Norcross, III on the Saturday before the General Election.

Norcross and Levinson have dined together in Atlantic County in the past and have forged a positive relationship together.

Full disclosure, I have also dined in Atlantic County with Norcross.

The Norcross - Levinson gathering just 3 days before General Election Day irked Polistina, Purdy and other Atlantic County Republicans … especially because all key Republicans met together on the very same day and Levinson did not attend.

At the time, no one said anything about it… Because Levinson has been dealing with certain health issues, he was given a free pass for compassionate reasons, because everyone thought that Levinson just wasn’t up to attending the meeting.

Only to find out, that Levinson went to a luncheon with a very prominent Democrat (Norcross) instead.

On top of that, Polistina and Purdy later learned that Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Michael Suleiman and Polistina’s Senate opponent, Caren Fitzpatrick also attended the Levinson lunch.

Polistina has been regularly attacked in a sudden, pop-up electronic newsletter titled ”Atlantic County Justice.”

It’s an obvious bogus rag.

Polistina earlier said during an on-air interview with me that Levinson “knifed me in the back.”

This comment is not set well with Levinson, who wants Polistina to retract it

During a live on-air interview this morning, Polistina doubled down on it by saying, “I want to retract my previous comment about being knifed in the back,” said Polistina.

Referring to Levinson, Polistina said, “He knifed all Atlantic County Republicans in the back.”

Polistina also made a declarative statement that Levinson believed in the past that he was the de facto head of the Atlantic County Republican Party, during the time of former Chairman Keith Davis.

Polistina said, “Make no mistake about it, Don Purdy is the head of the Atlantic County Republican Party and not Denny Levinson.”

Purdy has also Publicly stated that he has evidence of alleged Levinson wrongdoing that he is preparing to expose.

The interview with Polistina is available on our WPG Talk Radio 95.5 “Hurley in the Morning” podcast. The interview took place on Friday, February 2, 2024, during the 8:00 a.m. hour.

This political feud is not simmering down … it is actually intensifying.

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