We have made a pledge to remember the case of the unjust termination of teacher Phil Eisenstein by the Atlantic City Board of Education.

It’s been six long years since this unfortunate decision took place. It probably feels like a lifetime to Eisenstein.

Eisenstein was terminated for just doing his job. He stepped in to assist during a physical altercation between two students. Eisenstein was actually helping one student, who was being bullied by another student.

We have been reporting extensively about the violence that continues to this day within the Atlantic City Public Schools System.

A current Atlantic City Board of Education member has described the student fights that are occurring today as being the worst in the Atlantic City Public Schools history.

Here is a link to our recent coverage, including a letter written by a Physician from the renowned Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), detailing the daily violence at the Atlantic City Public Schools.

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The state of New Jersey, Child Protective Services thoroughly investigated the incident and vindicated Eisenstein.

Videos mysteriously disappeared that would have supported Eisenstein’s participation in the incident.

Then Interim Superintendent, Paul Spaventa and a majority of the Atlantic City Board of Education Members were against Eisenstein in this matter.

Not that the following should have an empirical, direct effect on the ultimate decision but, this is a very good, young man who was raised the right way by a Father (Mike) who has spent decades in the Atlantic City Public Schools system and has coached Atlantic City High School football for decades; where Coach Eisenstein spent thousands of hours teaching and coaching other peoples' children. And, Phil has a great Mom in Melissa.

On top of this, Phil Eisenstein is the grandson of an iconic, legendary former Superintendent of the AC Public Schools system, Dr. Jack Eisenstein.

However, the state fully investigated this situation and found no wrongdoing on Eisenstein’s part. The Atlantic City Board of Educational would have been wise to follow their legal counsel’s advice on this matter.

The Superintendent and the Atlantic City Board of Education provided the state child investigative/protective services with every bit of information in their possession, hoping that the state would rule that Eisenstein had done something wrong.

Had Eisenstein done anything that would rise to the level of warranting his termination, the state investigation would have reached that conclusion. Instead, the state ruled that Eisenstein did nothing wrong.

Incredulously, the Interim Superintendent recommended and The Board fired Eisenstein, despite the state’s finding of no wrongdoing.

Then Atlantic City Board of Education President John Devlin voted against terminating Eisenstein and urged his colleagues to do the same. They refused to listen to reason.

In the past, the Atlantic City Board of Education offered Eisenstein his job back, however, along with the offer came certain conditions he could not accept such as being required to attend sensitivity training, which no other teacher would be required to attend.

Eisenstein is being represented by attorney John Swift and his litigation against the Atlantic City Board of Education continues.

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