Ever since the City of Atlantic City, New Jersey left the New Jersey State Health Benefits Plan, the problems for employees have been significant.

We have received a copy of a letter that was recently sent to Atlantic City retirees from the City of Atlantic City, Human Resources Department.

The letter details that the retirees were not properly billed for 12 months. This has caused a significant hardship for many retirees.

The letter reads:

The Administration understands that some retirees may be experiencing financial difficulties. As such, the following flexible payment plan is available to you:

  • A "arrears" bill will be sent out with the total cost of the last twelve months. You have a twelve (12) month period to pay off this balance. You may decide what amount you will pay every month, but the total balance must be paid at the conclusion of the twelve (12) month period. If you fail to pay the total balance you may risk losing coverage.
  • A 'current bill will be sent out with the new monthly payment. You will have sixty (60) days to pay off this balance. The current bill must remain in paid status, or you may risk losing coverage.

The current measures are a direct result of poor management from the Marty Small administration, which is causing significant hardship to Atlantic City retirees … many of which are trying to live on a fixed income.

Here is a copy of the letter as follows below:

Harry Hurley photo.
Harry Hurley photo.

SOURCES: Atlantic City retirees & letter from Atlantic City Department of Human Resources letter to retirees.

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